Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Key to Encouragement

One thing I didn't mention in my introductory post: I love key accents. As in actual keys - on my jewelry, on my clothes and anywhere else I can get them. So I was delighted when I found a company that not only makes amazing key jewelry, but has launched a couple of amazing ideas along the way.

I'm talking about The Giving Keys, a company that employs people transitioning out of homelessness to make unique necklaces, bracelets and more stamped with inspirational words and phrases, like "strength," "courage," and "let go."

You're supposed to wear your key for as long as you need that word in your life - whether it be a few days or a few years - and then give it away to someone you encounter who needs it more than you do. After you give your key away, you can go on The Giving Keys' website to post your story. If you have a moment, go check out some stories. The page is chock full of stories guaranteed to make you cry!

I came across The Giving Keys after one of my favorite singers, Jana Kramer, posted an Instagram photo of her visit to the company. Other other key wearers include Zac Efron, Lea Michele and Selena Gomez. (I can't decide if the Hollywood-cool element makes me like the keys more or less, but I guess I'm just glad such a good company is being publicized. Sorry. My whole "I like things less when they're trendy" thing is rearing its ugly head! haha)

I bought a delicate-style pendant for myself with the word "faith" stamped on it. It's been cool to see the kinds of conversations sparked by my wearing of the key. I've gotten to talk about my faith in Christ, and why I need to be reminded of it at this time in my life. I've gotten to talk about The Giving Keys. I've also been asked by my dad whether I'm house-sitting for someone and guarding the key with my life. HA. (Side note: Expect the infamous Keith Lui to become a fixture on this blog.)

Keys also make great gifts even when you're not giving them from around your own neck. I recently gave one to a friend who's been through a hard time. It's emblazoned with "hope" and "faith" to remind her that God is with her no matter what!

You can get each key customized with whatever word or short phrase you want (within reason). So get Giving and come back here to let me know what you created!

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