Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Look Cute in the Kitchen (For a Great Cause!)

Breaking news: I love all things Pujols. Oh, wait, you already knew that? Oh, OK then.

To catch my new friends up, the Pujols I'm referring to is Albert Pujols, former star first basemen of the St. Louis Cardinals. (He plays somewhere else now, but we won't talk about that.)

Me and Albert. No big deal or anything.

My favorite thing about Albert Pujols is all of the amazing work he does through his nonprofit organization, the Pujols Family Foundation, which benefits families affected by Down syndrome and people living in poverty in the Dominican Republic.

Last year, his wife, Deidre, began a new venture called Pujols Kitchen, a cookware company that uses its profits to provide impoverished families around the world with cookware and non-perishable food. The company sells pots and pans modeled after ones used in the Dominican, plus other kitchen accessories.

Pujols Kitchen products are available on their website, as well as on Kohls.com

This week, Pujols Kitchen and Pujols Family Foundation have teamed up to launch a new line of adorable aprons made by Dominican women. PFF developed a "micro business" with a group of nine women from Batey Aleman, a village that the foundation works in frequently.

The adult reversible baseball apron.

Each apron is handmade with fun themes and comes in both adult and kid sizes, so you can get a mommy-and-me set if you want! The ribbons and frills on the child aprons are so cute that I kind of wish I could fit into one. ;)

The kids' Lil Feliz BBQ Apron.

But more importantly, each apron represents a second chance for the woman who made it. Pujols Kitchen says the goal is "to create an atmosphere with certain job skills to help the women provide for their families. The women have mastered their sewing skills, and we will continue to provide certain projects pertaining to the Pujols Kitchen." (I mean, doesn't that totally sound better than getting your next apron from Anthropologie? Stylish AND meaningful!)

If you know me at all, you know that along with "loves Albert Pujols," another top Joanne fact is "can't cook worth anything." But I'm halfway decent at baking these days, and I LOVE all the Pujols Kitchen products I have, both for their practicality and their unique designs. The spoon in particular is huge and super helpful for mixing and scooping.

Making Butterfinger cake with my Pujols Kitchen spoon, spatula and baking dish.

I've also had the regular Pujols Kitchen apron for a while now, and I love what it represents! I'm excited to get one that kicks things up a notch. Because, you know, I can't even bake without worrying about whether my outfit works or not. ;)

Realizing this is probably not my best look...

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