Friday, February 12, 2016

Discover Fabulous Beauty Products at Whole Foods Sale

Note: All products in the post were provided for free by Whole Foods Market Fresno. All opinions are my own.

Let me start this post by making one thing clear. I know NOTHING about make-up, and I am incredibly lazy when it comes to my beauty routine. (I bet Whole Foods is really glad they asked me to do this now.) That being said, I do love finding easy-to-use, fuss-free products for that very reason. And when my friends at Whole Foods contacted me about trying some of the beauty items that they sell, I was intrigued, because I practically live there (HELLO delicious deli and cookie bar) and I had never really focused on the fact that they sold make-up.

And boy am I glad I said yes to them. If nothing else, Whole Foods, you have made a convert out of me, and I have personally purchased some of the items you gave me already! The products they sell are high-quality and so easy to use! Plus, now through February 16th, every single body care, make-up, vitamin and supplement product is 25% off during the Whole Body sale!

I'll get right to my No. 1 favorite discovery out of the goodie bag: the Mineral Fusion eyeshadow trio. I don't usually get excited about eyeshadow. I've sort of always (incorrectly) assumed that they were all pretty much the same, with the exception of color and maybe a little bit of quality. But as soon as I started applying this stuff to my eyelids, I saw an immediate difference. It went on like the lightest cream, which was disconcerting and amazing. It made application super easy, especially for someone who has been struggling with swollen eyes. With the discount, the Mineral Fusion eyeshadow trios are currently $18.74 at Whole Foods, and worth every penny!

Speaking of Mineral Fusion, they also make a great volumizing mascara. I love mascaras that give you a pop in just a couple of swipes. And unlike many volumizing mascaras, it doesn't really clump, smudge or flake (huge problems for me). It isn't waterproof, but Mineral Fusion does make one that is. Their mascaras are on the pricier end, but you can get them right now at the Whole Body sale for $14.24.

If you're into a more subtle eyelash look (something I favor usually), I love Pacifica's Aquarian Gaze water-resistant mineral mascara. I've been told by Sephora experts that due to my tiny eyelashes, I should be using a mascara wand with smaller bristles, which this one has, and it makes the application super easy. No clumps at all! This mascara is so popular that it's currently sold out at Whole Foods (but will be back in stock next week). Other Pacifica mascara options are available for $10.49.

I wasn't even aware that Pacifica made make-up products. I knew them for their vegan perfumes, which are available at local boutiques like The Foundry Collective in Old Town Clovis. Their other beauty products are also 100% vegan (if that matters to you)! The other item I tried and loved was the Devocean natural lipstick. Normally, I HATE lipstick. It feels gross on my lips and I feel like it's too quick to dry and crack. But this skinny stick goes on smooth like lip balm and keeps my lips feeling fairly moisturized even when I've been wearing it for a while. Pacifica lipsticks are currently $10.49.

Other products of note: The ZuZu Luxe Mosaic Illuminator is an easy way to add some quick color and highlight to your cheeks (I forgot to price this one but I think it's around $20-25). A dab of Giovanni's 2Chic Super Potion with avocado & olive oil is great for taming flyaways or frizz ($5.99). In fact, I fell in love with all of the Giovanni's 2Chic hair products.

Want to try some of this stuff before you buy? Stop by Whole Foods's Pampering Party on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.! They'll have samples, giveaways, mini makeovers and massages! They also have super helpful beauty consultants working in the department who can answer a lot of your questions. The 25% off Whole Body sale continues through February 16th.

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