Monday, April 18, 2016

Top Five Fashion Fixes

Two things I've really realized about myself as of late: I'm a very picky person, but I can also be a very practical person. I like what I like, and I like to have it easy. Over the years, when it comes to fashion, I've honed it down to some very specific tricks. Today, I'd like to share with you my top five fashion fixes: products I use to make life a little (or a lot) simpler!

1) Clear Bra Straps 

This is the item I'm probably most excited about. I can't believe I haven't tried these sooner. Let's get real for a second: Good strapless bras are a myth for big-chested girls. I can't tell you how many I've tried. None of them work. It's always sag city, and I'm perpetually horrified when I have to look at myself in photos where I'm wearing a strapless bra (especially since it almost always involves a pretty dress and nice occasion.) I'd become so self-conscious that I basically avoided ever wearing anything that required a strapless. Until one day, when my Stitchfix stylist sent me an adorable top that I couldn't refuse - with a lace cutout strip above the chest, all the way across.

When I almost returned the shirt, my sister pointed out to me that I could try clear bra straps, which wouldn't be visible under the lace. (Again, I can't believe I had never tried these before.) I went to get some at Target, but they had all been snapped up. So the ones I use are these from Amazon. But they're actually back in stock at Target now; you can find them in the lingerie section.

I was surprised at how much I actually like using these. I simply attached them to my favorite Victoria's Secret convertible/strapless bra. (Most strapless bras come with detachable straps.) The silicone does dig into your shoulders a bit if you tighten the straps too much, so beware of that. But I find them to be generally comfortable. And they hold my bra up just as well as regular straps, with the bonus of being almost entirely invisible! While I wouldn't go as far as to wear them with a halter or strapless dress (a problem to be solved another day ... possibly only with breast reduction surgery, lol), I love wearing them with all of my lace shoulder tops (a major trend lately, if you haven't noticed!) 

2) Band-Aid Friction Block Stick

This next item is a total miracle worker for a shoe addict like me. I refuse to recognize pain when it comes to shoes. If they're pretty, I'll put them on my feet. Period. In reality, that's made for some pretty painful situations. Blisters and cuts galore.

I was finally introduced to the perfect solution at a Favorite Things party last year: the Band-Aid Friction Block Stick. While others were going for expensive hair products and designer make-up, I wanted that little $5 stick, because I had a feeling I would probably use it a lot - and I do.

This product has taken away all of my blisters and cuts from wearing tight or new shoes. I keep it in my purse, and apply it as soon as I feel pain coming on to prevent my shoes from continuing to rub against my skin. This works especially great for preventing blisters on your heels when you're wearing new flats!

3) Downy Wrinkle Release Spray

This is the ultimate lazy girl fashion solution. I feel like most people know about this one, but if you haven't, you're about to have your life changed forever. I can't remember the last time I picked up an iron. Simply lay your piece of clothing flat (on a bed or chair, etc), spray generously on the wrinkled areas, and smooth and stretch the fabric firmly to get the wrinkles out.

You can get this at Target, and the bottles come in two sizes - ginormous and tiny - for some reason. I always keep a giant bottle in my room and a bunch of tiny ones (from the travel section) to slip into all of my travel bags. Nothing worse than pulling wrinkled clothes out of a suitcase when you have somewhere to be!

4) Non-Slip Hangers

 Maybe (probably) it's a sign that I have too many clothes when I can't stop buying more and more boxes of these non-slip flocked hangers. But they have truly revolutionized my closet. These velvety hangers are super thin and keep pretty much any piece of clothing from slipping off.

The best deal (by far) that I have found on these type of hangers is the big box from Costco. You can get 35 of them for about $10. The only other store I've ever seen come close is TJ Maxx, with 25 hangers for $10.

My closet used to be a total mess, crammed with clothes on the floor that had slid off of plastic Old Navy and Target hangers. Plus, the hangers themselves were bulky and took up waaaay to much space. The flocked ones are less than half the width, opening up a whole bunch of room on my packed racks! Now everything feels neat and sleek, and I never have to worry about anything falling off!

5) Jewelry Cleaner

Confession: I spend a lot of money on jewelry. I probably spend more money on jewelry these days than anything else. So it's pretty important to me that my jewelry stays shiny and nice. Is there anything sadder than a rusty piece of Tiffany? Of course, it's not like I can exactly walk down to Tiffany to have them clean my jewelry. (I'm pretty sure that costs a pretty penny anyway.) So I've had to find an alternative.

You can find my favorite jewelry-cleaning supplies at Target (found at their jewelry counter). I am totally a silver girl all the way, so full warning that I've never tried to clean gold jewelry. But I love Connoisseurs brand products for my silver jewelry.

For my sterling silver jewelry, like my pieces from Tiffany, I use the sterling silver cleaning solution. It's super fast and easy to use. You just pull a little basket out of the jar, put your piece of jewelry in it, lower it into the solution for a couple of minutes (check the instructions for exact time) and voila! It'll be as shiny as when you bought it!

For my non-sterling silver jewelry (aka my massive collection of rhodium-plated Swarovski), I love the dry jewelry wipes. They polish your pieces and leave behind an anti-tarnish shield. Again, so easy to use!

So those are my top five fashion fix items. They save my life on a weekly basis! What are some of yours?

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