Friday, August 5, 2016

The Birth of Miss Jean Louis

All Gishers are familiar with the elusive Miss Jean Louis. As the Queen of gishwhes and the adult baby-sitter of Misha Collins, she is probably the sole reason for gishwhes’s success and continued existence. But not much is known about her personal life and history … until now, that is. Miss Jean Louis was born in a hut in Khor Angar. That much she has admitted to. But respectfully, how in the world did a white girl such as herself find her origins there? Here’s where I did a little digging. It turns out her parents were adventurers. Against medical advice, Mrs. Louis was flying around the world while nine months pregnant, when they had to make an emergency landing over Khor Angar. Luckily, the town is home to an air strip. Mrs. Louis went into labor while the plane was being fixed. Thus, Miss Jean Louis was born in a hut in Khor Angar, in the dirt. Over the years, Miss Jean Louis has returned to visit Khor Angar on her birthday, and even has her own hut there.